What Are Sports?


Sports are competitive physical activities that are usually governed by set of rules. The rules ensure fair competition and prevent unfairness. In addition, the sport teaches many important qualities including the ability to focus on your strengths and not take situations lightly.

Many different types of sports have been developed over the years. Some of them include tennis, horse racing, cycling, golf, bowling, hockey, soccer, boxing, gymnastics, martial arts and wrestling. However, what defines a sports is a matter of endless debate.

Sports have been defined as “physical contests for the purposes of challenge or entertainment”. They were popularized in the late 17th century when boxer-entrepreneur Jack Broughton came up with a set of rules to regulate the sport.

Today, modern sports are characterized by a quantitative emphasis. Depending on the sport, the winning may be based on a variety of factors, such as time, weight, and the judge’s subjective measures. There are also ties, draws, and multiple winners in some sports.

The word sport was derived from the Old French word desporter, meaning to play or amuse. Sporting activities were a popular pastime of the bourgeoisie of the Middle Ages. Archery was also widely enjoyed. Often, the matches were staged with considerable fanfare.

During the Renaissance, sports were secularized. Athletes trained to reach their physical limit. Eventually, the sporting activity turned into an art. Various artistic forms of fencing, boxing, and dance were popularized in northern European countries.

Sports also offer influential representations of individuals and communities. These representations influence national identity.